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C360 Family of Business Applications

DisputeMaster, CaseMaster

What is DisputeMaster?

  • Integrated web-based litigation preparation system.
  • Provides advanced search and Ai for case preparation.
  • Incorporates B2B application services providing backend data analytics, artificial intelligence analysis and e-discovery processing services supporting third party applications.
  • Add CaseMaster and address the challenges of motions practice, case management, fact sheet preparation, bellwether case selection, case inventory analysis and settlement planning.

What problems does DisputeMaster solve?

  • Meet aggressive deadlines, gain the momentum in fast-paced litigation, manage complex case issues regardless of the quantities of documents and data.
  • Avoid costly mistakes, missed opportunities and inadvertent disclosures using advanced features.
  • Bypass conventional document review when preparing critical motions, early depositions and trial packages.
  • Retain control of all litigation documents, decisions and other records.

What is CaseMaster?

  • Integrated database of all case and claimant-specific information, data and documents.
  • Study and evaluate features of case inventories and costs and perform settlement planning and administration with advanced analysis tools.
  • Plaintiff fact sheet creation and intake automation.
  • Share common case and claimant information while preserving confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • Comprehensive cost accounting system of litigation-related planned and actual expenses.
  • Specialized feature support case related budgetary analysis and planning.
  • Coordinate with insurance underwriters and claims administrators.

What problems does CaseMaster solve?

  • Ends the disjointed stove pipes of individual firms, case inventories and plaintiff facts.
  • Creates an overall mechanism to manage total cases and claimants and to understand the statistical features of combined case inventories.
  • Permits the sharing, even between disputing parties, of common information while preserving the confidentiality and secrecy of critical attorney work product. 
  • Capable of being used by and between opposing parties and in collaboration with court appointed special masters.
  • Integrates the information needs of financial managers, budgetary analysts and insurance underwriters.

PolicyMaster, CertMaster

PolicyMaster helps insurance brokers consistently achieve timely and accurate placement and renewal of clients’ insurance.

PM Features:

  • PM is CAi’s online insurance placement workflow solutionthat assists brokers and their clients to create RFQ’s, and negotiate/execute insurance binders;
  • When a carrier’s final insurance policy is uploaded, PM Aiauto-analyzes the policy to determine compliance with the binder agreement terms, in accordance with relevant line(s) of coverage checklist(s);
  • Broker management, carrier and client are auto-notified of policy/binder compliance or non-compliance details with follow-up action requirements/deadlines;
  • Online binder/policy discrepancy approval/override protocols are provided for authorized client management;
  • PM provides secure, online, real-time collaboration, noticing and reporting among broker staff & management, client and carrier personnel;
  • PM maintains an executive summary that records, tracks and reports all RFQ/binder/insurance policy data & activities, including a full audit trail of dates/times and compliance status by client, insurance type and insurance carrier

PM Client Benefits:

  • Significant, measurable reduction in broker administration time, costs and errors, and in E&O claims, while improvingClient satisfaction/retention;
  • PM measures and tracks carrier and broker performance and identifies/informs improvements in broker best practices.

CTM Features:

  • CTM is an automated, online risk management system that provides timely, accurate COI compliance analysis with auto-noticing to contractors and vendors (CVs) and their insurance agents of Client’s contractual insurance requirements, including AM Best ratings; and noticing of compliance exceptions and COI renewal/follow up to help ensure complete and consistent CV compliance;
  • CTM provides secure, real-time, 24hr online coordination, noticing and reporting among risk management,procurement, operations, finance and legal personnel, and Client’s CV partners;
  • Client uploads CV contract; based on Client contract type, CTM identifies insurance requirements and auto-requests CV and/or insurance agent to prepare and timely deliver COI proving CV’s compliance with Client’s requirements;
  • Completed COI is uploaded to CTM and auto-analyzed for compliance with notifiction to CV/agent, either affirming acceptance or advising detailed deficiencies for remediation with scheduled follow up COI analysis and notifications, as appropriate;
  • CTM provides CV discrepancy approval/override protocols for authorized Client management;
  • For continuing CVs, CTM incorporates any contract insurance changes, schedules and auto-notifies CV/agent of COI renewal requests;
  • CTM maintains an Executive Summary that records, tracks and reports all CTS activities with CVs, including a full audit trail of dates/times and compliance status by CV, CV group and Client location.

CTM Client Benefits:

  • Significant, measurable reduction in administration time, costs and errors, and in E&O expenses, while improving the quality of CV contract management;
  • CTM automates important, complex COI work and avoids the risks of using inexperienced/unqualified employees and frees account managers to pursue business income opportunities.

ComplianceMaster, ContractMaster, LeaseMaster

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