About Us



What can we do for you?

We offer application software employing advanced Ai that works! 

We provide solutions for managing corporate risk including comprehensive insurance renewal cycle management, policy checking, certificate tracking, advanced due diligence of transferred risks, contract risk assessment and management and complex litigation prosecution. 

We tackle challenges that haven’t yet been solved. Our engineers and scientists are capable of devising business methods, new technologies and new solutions to seemingly intractable business problems.

What makes us special?

Our people!

Our patents!

Our experience!

Our methods!

Crivella Ai is a team of scientists and engineers who are resourceful and fearless when undertaking challenges from our customers.

We do not answer challenges with more questions and we do not accept “I can’t”. 

Where are we going?

We believe that advanced computation, natural language analysis and artificial intelligence are in their infancy.

We invent new methods and new forms of Ai that provide advanced computational capabilities for major corporations striving toward software that is truly intelligent. 

The professional and personal growth of our employees and the satisfaction of our clients are key measures of our business success and growth.

Crivella Ai (CAi) has been nationally credited for over 30 years as a pioneer in creating and implementing business process management and technology solutions. Customized to integrate with clients’ unique business processes, CAi’s solutions measurably improve the quality and effectiveness of plant operations, business and legal processes for leading U.S. industrial and professional services companies.

CAi’s management is recognized for respectively helping Corning and Goodyear Tire and Rubber win Malcolm Baldrige and Chrysler Excellence Awards.

Today, CAi’s patented methods and technologies are delivered in secure, online business process solutions that automate complex, collaborative, knowledge-dependent work for professionals in risk management, accounting, scholarly research and litigation.

CAi’s multidisciplinary staff includes business strategists, language experts, risk professionals, attorneys, and database and information technology experts.


Duquesne University

“Crivella Technologies could not be more generous with the time, talent, and technology it provides to academic institutions.  With their help, my colleagues and I have begun to integrate artificial intelligence into our research and teaching of the law.  They are true philanthropists who are helping us to change the way we understand the law and prepare our students for the future.”

Wesley M. Oliver, J.D., LL.M., J.S.D.

Professor of Law, Duquesne University

Timken Faircrest Steel Plant

“The Faircrest computerization, the systems engineering effort that created it and how the controls and management systems are integrated into the fabric of the Faircrest facility are the best I have ever seen.”

Dr. John H. Manley, PhD

Founding Director, DOD Software Engineering Institute

Crivella is a Legend in the Mass Tort World

“Crivella is a legend in the Mass Tort world.  Art & his team invented the most powerful Artificial Intelligence tools in use today by attorneys to analyze and utilize data produced by defendants.

The work Crivella did in blasting apart privilege claims of the defendant in the Avandia litigation is universally considered to be the most cutting edge application of Ai tools in the history of Mass Torts.”

Vance R. Andrus, Esquire

Andrus Wagstaff Attorneys at Law